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Coming to Switzerland more than 13 years ago to study, I fell in love with the country so much that I never actually left it for long since then. My first destination was the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where I chose the very nice city of Neuchatel for my Bachelor studies with a focus on Economics. I then moved to the German-speaking part for my Master in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen / HSG and finally finished my studies with a second Master Degree in Finance and Investments in Rotterdam.


Unlike the more creative members of abricoz, I am an analytical person liking fields such as finance, mathematics, strategy and business. I hence decided to start my career in Investment Banking focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions. After around 5 years in this field working at UBS and at an American consultancy focused on renewable energy, I decided that time has come to take on a new challenge where I can apply the knowledge obtained and leverage my network in the two countries – Ukraine and Switzerland.


After considering for some time in which field of activity to start a new business, I thought about my sister and the great young team with whom she had started to work, analyzed the market potential in marketing and design and how I could complement the business, went to several courses at the University of Arts in London, got passionate about the topic and finally took a decision. abricoz was born.


Besides abricoz, I find time for my other interests like travelling, sports and dancing.

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