Web developer and system administrator

Implementing the impossible

Sometimes it seems to me that I already knew from the earliest childhood that IT is my world. Even as a child I was always surrounded with computers and understood them very well. Having obtained the necessary skills and knowledge, I entered the working world as a system administrator. After having spent five years in that field, I began to notice that I want not just to use the software, but also to create it. And it is not clear what was the key trigger for this change: the eternal grumbling of users because of sloppy programs or simply the desire for a more creative work.


Choosing between different creative IT professions, I decided for the web and I started to learn to create websites. The first works looked more like scorched pancakes, but I did not despair and continued creating more and more interesting and challenging projects. Perhaps this has led me to abricoz: interesting projects and designers who are coming up with very creative new ideas all the time. This does not stop to amaze me.


My hobbies are puzzles, paintball, cooking and history.

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