New website of Daetwiler AG


Daetwiler AG is a Swiss general contractor for waste disposal services of all kinds - including recycling, production and trade of raw materials, transportation and installation of waste containers.


Before the beginning of our project, there was no uniform website of Daetwiler AG. Instead, there were 5 different websites for the 5 different companies, each with completely different styles. Our challenge was to unite all the content, structure it and create an attractive and modern website, which is based on the new Corporate Identity.

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Activity field of the company:

Waste disposal, recycling, transportation and installation of waste containers


Scope of the project:
  • Individual design of the website
  • Development of different icons for all the services
  • Creation and editing of the texts for the website
  • Development of the “waste disposal matrix”, which structures all the information about different waste types and present it in a simple and clear way
  • Individual programming
  • Basic search engine optimisation
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