Corporate mascot of Daetwiler AG


Daetwiler AG is a Swiss general contractor for waste disposal services of all kinds - including recycling, production and trade of raw materials, transportation and installation of waste containers.


Among the company's customers are not only large corporate clients, but also private households. It is for these people, but rather for their children, the company decided to create a corporate mascot who teaches children from early on how to properly handle the waste and in general create a positive image of the whole topic. Thus, the task was to create a funny mascot who likes/inspires children as well as create some materials that playfully tell/teach children how to deal with waste.

Activity field of the company:

Waste disposal, recycling, transportation and installation of waste containers


Scope of the project:
  • Corporate mascot
  • Illustrations for the leaflet with stickers
  • Design of souvenir products
  • Motives for coloring

Daetli shows how to prepare the items for recycling

Icons for Daetli-Pass

Coloring book



Daetli evolution


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